Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Commonwealth v. V.L. (Summary Trial)


Commonwealth v. V.L. (Summary Trial)

                        75 §1543 §§B1 – Driving License Suspended/Revoked (DUI related)  - Summary

Following Defendant's Summary Trial, Defendant plead Guilty to a lesser charge - of violating §1543 §§A - Driving While Operating Privileges are Suspended/Revoked, which unlike the original violation charged, carried no jail time.        

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Com v. D.H. (Drug Charges, Confidential Informant)


Commonwealth v. D.H.

(Non-Jury Trial)

2 counts – Manufacture, Delivery or Possession with Intent to Deliver – Felony

            1 count – Possession of a Controlled Substance - Misdemeanor

Case Facts:   
                       With the use of a Confidential Informant, Police allege that Defendant was involved in activity related to the above charges. 

The Commonwealth DISMISSED their case against Defendant and ALL CHARGES WERE NOLLE PROSSED.  Defendant was not convicted of any crime.