Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Commonwealth v. C.W. (Expungement of Summary Convictions)

Client, an out of state resident, contacted our office when convictions of Summary Charges from 2001 were causing problems for him in his profession.  Client stressed the urgency of having these removed from his record.

Attorney Paletta filed a Petition for Expungement of Summary Convictions with the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas.  The Petition was Granted and the case was removed from Client’s record.

Commonwealth v. S.F. (2 Possession w/ Intent to Deliver Cases)

Commonwealth v. S.F. (2 Possession w/ Intent to Deliver Cases)

A fellow Attorney who represented Client at his Preliminary Hearings of these 2 drug cases, contacted Attorney Paletta to discuss Client’s situation & the possibility of having Attorney Paletta represent Client at the prosecution of these 2 cases.  

Following teleconferences & meetings, this Client retained Attorney Paletta for both of his drug cases.  

Case #1 -

Charges Include the following:  

Prohibited Acts: Possession with Intent to Deliver - Schedule I-IV (Two Bundles of white small envelopes commonly used for packaging Heroin. - 47 individually wrapped bags of Heroin)
Numerous other Prohibited Acts
Possession of a Controlled Substance
Driving while Oper. Priv. suspended or revoked
Operation of vehicle without official certificate

Case #2 -

Charges Include the following:  

Prohibited acts- Possession with Intent to Deliver - Schedule I-IV (124 empty stamp bags of heroin)
Numerous other Prohibited Acts, T
amper with/Fabricate Physical Evidence

Client was charged with both of the above cases from two different alleged incidents both being on different dates, and both by different arresting agencies.

Attorney Paletta managed to get both cases scheduled before the same Judge & with the same District Attorney so they could both be heard at the same time.  

Attorney Paletta and the District Attorney worked together to come up with a plea that Client was happy with, and which no jail time was involved.  

Client received PROBATION for a plea on two Possession with intent to deliver (P.W.I.D.) cases.  

Commonwealth v. C.M.

Commonwealth v. C.M. (D.U.I. Charges)

Pittsburgh Police Officers responded to the location of a vehicle accident. Upon arrival, Officers met with an Client who was standing outside of a his wrecked vehicle.  Officers noticed a strong odor of alcohol and asked Client to submit to Field Sobriety Tests.  Client complied.  Officers arrested Client for suspected D.U.I.  Client was then transported to the Police Station where he was given a Breathalyzer test which yielded results of .254 & .258.  Client was then transported to Allegheny County Jail

Client was charged with:
75§3802§§A1 - Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol  
75§3802§§C - Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol - BAC

Following the Preliminary Hearing at Pittsburgh Municipal Court, Attorney Paletta requested that the District Attorney's Office consider Client for admission into the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (A.R.D.) Program.
At the Formal Arraignment, Client was offered admission into the A.R.D. Program.  Client accepted the terms and conditions of A.R.D., which were as follows:  12 months non-reporting probation, Drug & Alcohol evaluation, Safe Driving Classes, and a 60 day license suspension. With successful completion of all terms and conditions of the program, all charges Client was charged with are to be expunged.  There is no conviction or Guilty Plea to any charges, including the D.U.I.  

Commonwealth v. A.S. (Expungement of Felony Charges)

Commonwealth v. A.S. (Expungement of Felony Charges)

Attorney Paletta represented Client on this criminal prosecution.  Client, a business professional, was charged with a FELONY - Forgery-Alter Writing.  Attorney Paletta acheived a DISMISSAL of this case at the Preliminary Hearing before District Judge Mary P. Murray.

Even though a Dismissal of the case was a huge win, Attorney Paletta advised client that he should move forward with an Expungement of his case as soon as possible, to lessen the likelihood of this case causing any problems for him in the future.  Attorney Paletta explained that without an Expungement, all records of this case would still exist and the case would show up on a Criminal Background check.  

Client retained Attorney Paletta for the Expungement of this case.  Attorney Paletta filed the Expungement Petition, which was later Granted.  Client received an Order of Court that orders all records of this matter be destroyed.