Thursday, March 21, 2013

Possession, Conspiracy to Manufact, Deliv, Poss. W Intent.

Date: 3/8/13
Commonwealth v. C.W.

Charges:              2 counts - 35§-780-113§§A16 – Poss. Contr. Substance – Misdemeanor
                           2 counts - 35§-780-113§§A32 – Use/Poss. of Drug Paraph. – Misdemeanor
                           1 count – 18§903§§C - Conspiracy – Manufacture,  Deliv, Or Poss. W Intent – Felony
                           1 count – 35§780-113§§A30 – Manufacture, Deliv, or Poss. W Intent - Felony
Facts:               After executing a search warrant, Defendant, who was a college student residing on campus at the University of Pittsburgh, was charged by University of Pittsburgh Police, with the above criminal charges.  After collecting many items and listing them as evidence, the University of Pittsburgh Police arrested Defendant and transported him to the Allegheny County Jail.   Immediately following this, Defendant was asked to vacate the University of Pittsburgh and not permitted to return to classes until the disposition of the case. 
                        Attorney Paletta and Defendant worked together to compose a defense strategy that was acceptable to Defendant.   Prior to the Defendant’s Preliminary Hearing, Attorney Paletta was in contact with the Assistant District Attorney handling the case at Pittsburgh Municipal Court and discussed options available to Defendant including E.D.P. court.       

Disposition          At the Preliminary Hearing, Defendant received an offer for E.D.P. court.  Defendant agreed to plead Guilty to the Misdemeanor charges and received Probation on each.  In exchange for this, each of the Felony charges against Defendant were Withdrawn.  After completion of Probation, Defendant’s record is to be expunged.