Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Commonwealth v. D.M. - (Preliminary Hearing - Misdemeanor 2 charges)

Commonwealth v. D.M. (Preliminary Hearing)

18 § 2701 §§A1 - Simple Assault - (Misdemeanor 2)
18 §2705 - Recklessly Endangering Another Person - (Misdemeanor 2)
Case Summary:
            According to the Affidavit of Probable Cause in this case, Washington Township Police were dispatched to a woman's home to check on her. Upon arrival Police observe blood and force entry into the residence. While Police were checking the residence, Defendant arrived at the scene. Washington Township Police then contacted the Pennsylvania State Police to take over the investigation. Pennsylvania State Police interviewed Defendant and later filed charges. Defendant contacted Attorney Paletta for representation at the Preliminary Hearing of this case.
        At Defendant's Preliminary Hearing in Fayette County, Attorney Paletta worked out an agreement with the District Attorney &  the State Trooper. Defendant plead guilty to a Summary Harassment charge, which was moved to a lower court and assigned a Non-Traffic (NT) docket. All other charges (both Misdemeanor 2's) were Withdrawn.

        This disposition opens up the possibility of an Expungement, which if Granted, would mean that certain case information and records of this incident would be destroyed.