Monday, October 29, 2012

Com v. DM (Preliminary Hearing) Drug Charges

Commonwealth v. D.M. (Preliminary Hearing)

                                    35 §780-113 §§A32- Prohibited Acts - (Misdemeanor)

                                                75 §1332 §§B3 - Display Registration Plate - Obscuring Plate -                                                                                                 (Summary)

                                    75 §4107 §§A1 - Unlawful Activities - Violation of Vehicle Equipment                                                                                  Standard - (Summary)


Case Summary:  Defendant, a student at WVU, was charged with numerous crimes including Possession of Heroin - a Misdemeanor offense. 

Disposition:  At the Preliminary Hearing in Pittsburgh Municipal Court, Attorney Paletta worked out an agreement with the District Attorney and the Officer.  Defendant was given the option to take the -  Early Disposition Plea (EDP) program to receive six months Probation Without Verdict (PWV) for the Possession charge.  All other charges, were Withdrawn.

After the completion of this program, Defendant's record will be automatically Expunged.