Sunday, May 22, 2016

Commonwealth v. J.S. (Drug Charges)

Case Facts:

Client, a college student, was charged in Butler County with the following:
Misdemeanor - Marijuana-Small Amount-Personal Use
Misdemeanor - Use/Possession of Drug Paraph.
Summary - Disorderly Conduct.

If convicted of the above charges, client risked losing grants and scholarships awarded for education.


At the Preliminary Hearing, Attorney Paletta worked with the Assistant District Attorney and Police Officer to arrange the following plea bargain:

If Client agreed to undergo a Drug and Alcohol Evaluation and also agreed to follow through with any recommended treatment, the Misdemeanor Dug Charges would be Withdrawn and the Summary Offense would be moved to Non-traffic Court (a lower court).   After hearing the plea bargain, the District Judge agreed to postpone the case for a Status Conference in 60 days if Client provided proof of an evaluation and  any treatment that was completed as a result.  Client agreed and underwent an evaluation.

At the scheduled Status Conference, Attorney Paletta and Client provided the necessary proof to the District Judge, Assistant District Attorney and Officer.  The Misdemeanor charges were Withdrawn and the Summary offense was moved to Non-Traffic Court.

Client is now working with Attorney Paletta to have this case Expunged.