Monday, May 23, 2016

Commonwealth v. A.L. (Drug Charges)

Case Information:

Client came to Attorney Paletta upon receiving the following charges:

Misdemeanor - Possession of Controlled Substance By Person Not Reg.
Misdemeanor - Possession of Marijuana
Misdemeanor - Use/Poss. Drug Paraph.
Summary - Duties at Stop Sign
Summary - Disorderly Conduct


At the Preliminary Hearing of this case, the District Attorney offered Client The Expedited Disposition Plea (EDP) program.  Because Client would face problems with his employment if the case was not disposed of properly, Attorney Paletta attempted to negotiate a plea bargain to a Summary Disorderly Conduct instead of accepting the EDP offer.

The District Attorney agreed to a plea bargain of a Summary - Disorderly Conduct and all other charges were Withdrawn.

Client is working with Attorney Paletta to have this case Expunged from his record.