Saturday, October 15, 2016

Commonwealth v. J.W. (DUI)

Commonwealth v. J.W. (D.U.I. Charges)

Client was pulled over by Coraopolis Police after traveling the wrong direction on Fourth Avenue. According to the Criminal Complaint, Officers noticed a strong odor of alcohol while speaking with Client.  Officers administered Field Sobriety Tests and Client was transported to Sewickley Valley Hospital for blood tests.
Client was charged with:
75§3308§§B - One way roadways and Rotary Traffic Islands
Following the Preliminary Hearing before District Judge Mary P. Murray, Attorney Paletta requested that the District Attorney's Office consider Client for admission into the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (A.R.D.) Program.
At the Formal Arraignment, Client was offered admission into the A.R.D. Program.  Client accepted the terms and conditions of A.R.D., which were as follows:  12 months non-reporting probation, Drug & Alcohol evaluation, Safe Driving Classes, and a 60 day license suspension. With successful completion of all terms and conditions of the program, all charges Client was charged with are to be expunged.  There is no conviction or Guilty Plea to any charges, including the D.U.I.