Friday, March 28, 2014

Com. v. K.H.

Com v..K.H.

Attorney Paletta represented Client, who was in the process of completing his Medical Residency.  Client was charged with Tampering Physical Evidence - a Misdemeanor 2, Prohibited Acts (Possession of Marijuana) - a Misdemeanor, Disord. Conduct - a Summary, and Public Drunkeness - a Summary offense.
Attorney Paletta and Client worked together to compose a strategy that if properly followed, would assist in achieving an outcome that would not have a negative impact on Client’s career/education.

Client followed the strategy/gameplan and provided proof toAttorney Paletta .  Attorney Paletta used that proof to negotiate a deal with the District Attorney. and managed to get the entire case (ALL CHARGES)  Dismissed...this makes the case eligible for an Expungement, which is very important for Client’s future.