Friday, March 28, 2014

Com. v. M.J., R.N.

Com v. M.J., R.N.

Attorney Paletta represented Client, a Nurse employed at Uniontown Hospital, relating to an Investigation of suspected drug diversion.   Client was charged with numerous Felonies for accusations of diverting liquid Hydromorphine (Dilaudid), liquid Morphine, amd Lorazepam (Ativan) from the hospital where she was employed.  
The Investigation began when Uniontown Hospital Police recieved information from the Director of Pharmacy of the Uniontown Hospital, that Client was suspected of diverting narcotics from the hospital after noticing discrepencies with the inventory of the narcotics dispensing machine “Rxstation” between Client’s shifts. These discrepencies were under Client’s usuage account.
Charges as listed in Criminal Complaint include:
  1. 35 780-113(A)(12) -- Prohibited Acts - Felony (8 counts)
  2. 35 780-113(A)(12) -- Prohibited Acts - Felony (7 counts)
  3. 35 780-113(A)(12) -- Prohibited Acts - Felony (1 count)

Charges at 35 780-113(A)(12) were Amended to Simple Possession of a Controlled Substance and the original charges under Subsection 12 were Dismissed.